“As an experienced golfer, I’ve learned being confident and unapologetic about being a woman on the golf course ensures I will be treated with respect. A great golf course is inclusive and makes you feel welcomed from the first phone call when making a tee time. We need to make our expectations known, know the right questions to ask, and never settle for inferior service.” —Linda McGrath, Vice President of Business Development, Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge

What Makes a Golf Course Woman-Friendly?

The Tee Time Reservation:

  • When calling for a tee time, give your name, how many people you are playing with, if any, and the time you would like to play. If playing as a single, ask to be paired with another player(s).
  • Once you’ve given the golf shop your request, expect a professionally given tee time or suggestions of available times when you can join another individual or group.
  • Thank them and write everything down, including the person who scheduled your tee time.

Bag Drop:

  • There is prominent signage showing where to drop the bag.
  • Upon arrival, you are welcomed as a valued guest.
  • Friendly staff helps off-load the bag from your car onto a stand or cart.
  • Information is readily available regarding your tee time, directions to the golf shop and/or locker rooms.

Women-Friendly Locker Rooms:

  • The locker room is clean and fresh with receptacles for used towels and has private areas where you can get dressed.
  • There are sunscreen, tissues, feminine products, shampoo, conditioner, additional sundries, and hair dryers on vanities for use if you choose to shower after your game.

Women-Friendly Golf Shop:

  • You are greeted on arrival and the sales staff checks on you to see if they can assist in finding a specific item.
  • Check-in with all the proper tee time information in place.
  • When playing with others, an informal introduction, if possible.
  • Location of the practice facilities, availability of range balls, and location of the first tee box.
  • An inventory of women’s socks, gloves, hats and other incidental items.


  • A friendly welcome with course information, conditions, local rules, placement of restrooms, and other helpful hints.
  • You are asked if you have any questions that they can answer before you tee off.

The Course:

  • Consistent and equal tee box conditions.
  • Consistent and equal golf course conditions.
  • Ball washes conveniently located.
  • Clean restroom facilities.
  • Frequent clean drinking water stations.
  • Healthy halfway house options.


  • They make you feel welcomed.
  • They provide equal consideration when enforcing rules.

Food and Beverage:

  • Staff provides a warm welcome and friendly service.
  • There are co-ed dining facilities.
  • There’s a plentiful assortment of healthy foods and drink options.

Women hold an important key regarding their acceptance on a golf course but it benefits them when they show up as knowledgeable players…and are deemed as valued guests. Women always have the option not to re-frequent unfriendly courses and of course, spread the word!

Ask us about our services as a “Mystery Guest” at golf and spa resorts to make sure a given resort lives up to meeting or exceeding the standards of being women-friendly….what a great job that is! Just ask Linda…….