What Is Cardiogolf?
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What Is Cardiogolf?

Cardiogolf is a comprehensive program that provides golf-specific exercises to improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and swing technique developed by LPGA Teaching Professional Karen Palacios-Jansen.

Now available online, the Cardiogolf 30-Day Challenge is a series of golf-specific workout routines that combine swing drills and exercises. Cardiogolf accommodates golfers of all skills and fitness levels. All you need is a 4 x 4 square foot space to do the exercises and swing a golf club, or you can use a golf grip or tennis racquet to simulate a golf club if you don’t have enough space to swing a regular club. Some of the exercises will require a golf club, small hand weights, stretch bands, an exercise ball or medicine balls, but all the exercises can be modified if no equipment is available.

The Cardiogolf 30-Day Challenge:

 As soon as you sign up for the Cardiogolf Challenge, you’ll start receiving daily Cardiogolf Fitness Challenge emails with easy-to-follow workouts. The workouts arrive either in a PDF format that can be printed, or a video link to watch the workout and follow along. Using your computer, smartphone, or tablet you’ll view workouts that will improve your golf and fitness such as:

Vitalize Your Game Workouts—

These will increase your flexibility and mobility to increase your range of motion for a better turn and free-flowing swing.

Energize Your Game Workouts—

These increase your cardiovascular endurance and swing technique for more consistency.

Optimize Your Game Workouts—

These include golf-specific exercises to improve overall body strength including core strength and stability for more distance.

Mind/Body Tips—

These tips help you prevent and recover from injuries, mental game strategies and on-course nutrition to optimize performance.

There are three levels of difficulty for each Cardiogolf workout:

  • Par—for beginners or people who have not exercised in the past.
  • Birdie—for moderate exercisers who have participated in fitness programs in the past and/or exercise 2 to 3 days a week.
  • Eagle—for advanced exercisers who exercise on a daily basis and are looking to challenge their fitness level.

Join The Cardio Golf Fitness Challenge!

Through an exclusive partnership with Women’s Golf & Travel Concierge, the 30-Day Challenge is available for $59.95, a $20 savings.

After you activate your membership, you’ll immediately start receiving daily Cardiogolf Fitness Challenge emails with easy-to-follow workouts to improve fitness and swing mechanics. It’s quick and easy to turn your space into a remote golf gym via your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Each email will include links to videos and/or printouts to follow in the privacy of your own home or office. Most workouts only take 10 minutes and can be done with just a golf club.


To receive sign-up instructions for this exclusive discount for the Cardiogolf 30-Day Challenge, please fill in the contact form and click submit.


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