Teeing It Up For Success

How can you spend five quality hours with your clients or company CEO?

With today’s busy schedules you are lucky if you can get five minutes! During a game of golf you are able to enjoy four hours of golf with your clients. If you want to break into the boy’s club, the odds are good. Only 23 percent of golfers are women so four times out of five you’ll stand out as the only women in the group.

As business owners, we’ve found tremendous success in corporate golf. Using golf as a business tool has helped women move up the corporate ladder faster and get recognized by high-level executives. But it does so much more!

If you want to learn how to use golf to grow your business, check out our Corporate Golf Programs. We coach executives how to use golf as their go-to business-building, relationship development and sales tool.

In this program, you’ll learn to get past the attitude that you don’t like golf, can’t golf or why should I golf and learn the value and benefits to your career…we are talking gaining revenue and business here!

Corporate golf provides:

  • More access to your current clients.
  • Networking opportunities with prospective clients.
  • A great source of referrals.
  • And, did we mention the fun and lifelong friendships? It’s perfect for the woman who believes in work hard, and play harder mantra.


We believe women have a strong natural ability for golf, and our customized training programs provide various ways a businesswomen can leverage her talent. We train women to find opportunities that were previously unknown to them and highlight the benefits of business golf.

We can customize each package to cover everything there is to know for the newbie such as what to wear, how to choose the right equipment, the rules and etiquette of golf and fitness tips to get your body acclimated to the game quickly.

Some women find the game intimidating, and our corporate golf training erases that intimidation factor. We also offer programs for women who aren’t sure if they want to take up golf but want to learn more. We can even teach women to use golf in their arsenal of marketing tools without ever swinging a club. Yes, without swinging a club! You will be able to return to your office after one session and be guaranteed to jump into the game without ever playing the game. Once you have then mastered the swing basics, we’ll get into the real game. Remember though, its not actually about the 18 holes at all, but rather winning over your clients and associates with solid relationships.

Corporate  Golf Programs for Women

Our LPGA professionals and Corporate Business Executives can lead corporate golf training programs at your place of business or at one of our resort golf schools.  Whatever works for you, works for us.


This half-day business golf seminar includes:

  • Why golf?
  • What’s in it me for?
  • Understanding the short term and long term benefits of golf.
  • No need to buy clubs yet!
  • Etiquette and Rules of the Game
  • Non-golfing golf strategies.
  • How to get started.


This 1-day business golf package includes:

                Lesson 1:  Knowing what’s in your golf bagShort history lesson of golf

    • Understanding golf course styles in your area
    • Golf swing and game basics
    • Etiquette and Rules

                Lesson 2:   Learning your new business language

    • Golfer’s language
    • Clubhouse business conversations

               Lesson 3:   GOLF! Your four-hour sales call

    • Mixing golf and business talk on the links


Next steps for gaining your business golf skills

  • 5 two-hour golf training sessions
  • 3 sessions on the practice range
  • 2 on-course training lessons

Lets us connect first through our corporate golf programs and then you will have our commitment to teach you how to connect on the course. Contact us today to schedule your corporate golf program or to discuss customizing a program that fits your executive team.

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