Vice President of Business Development


Linda and her husband joined VISTA, the domestic version of the Peace Corps, after graduating from college and spent most of their service in Florida. She was an Elementary Education Teacher in English and World History and taught as an Adjunct Instructor in Swimming, Tennis and Outdoor Education at a local college before moving into the corporate world as the Director of Marketing for a family-owned automotive distribution company. As a woman in a very male dominated industry she found golf as a great leveling opportunity and began her quest to become as proficient and knowledgeable as possible at the game. Upon selling the business and using her business networking and golf experience, she created Business Seminars Fore Women with the hopes of educating women on how to use golf as a successful business tool while promoting the attitude “You Can’t Oppress Someone Who Isn’t Afraid Anymore.” Sitting on the Board of various golf clubs and associations has led her to a variety of traveling opportunities and experiences within the golfing community and as a past president of a state golf association of over 800 men and women, Linda became familiar with many USGA’s programs including rules, course ratings and tournament software. Linda’s vast experience and connections within the golf industry blend well into her role for us, identifying sponsorship opportunities and creating unique travel packages to meet the diverse needs of women in golf.

Q&A with Linda:

Golf level…moderately high

Favorite golf course…Old Head Golf Links, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland. The combined history, beauty and quality of the course, the friendliness of the people, the magnificent pub and restaurant and the charms of Kinsale all made for an extraordinary experience.

Favorite travel destination…Ireland…to golf!

Favorite golf clubs…Mizuno. Terrific fitting and balance!

Favorite golf ball…In-season, I play a Titleist Pro V. In the winter, I use a softer compressed ball.

I play golf because…it’s where I feel most like myself. I’m confident on the course, I smile when I’m playing and I’ve always met the finest people while golfing. I enjoy walking and carrying my bag so it’s also where I get the best workout!

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