Find A Junior Golf Pro Or Junior Golf Academy

Call a few local golf courses and inquire about their junior programs. If they don’t have any that work programs, then you know the pros are not skilled in working with juniors. Absolutely go and interview the pro and watch him/her teach a junior class. If the golf pro is not having fun with the kids as they learn move on until you find a happy kid spirit in the golf pro. Ask what level of golfer does he/she work best with.

If you have any questions, join us on our weekly junior Google Hangout where we answer any questions on junior golf.

When scouting for a junior golf academy, ask these questions:

  • What is the academy’s target junior? Beginner, intermediate or advanced?
  • Is it an academic and golf academy?
  • What is the age range of golfers?
  • What are the expected outcomes?
  • Does the academy have consistent parent-teacher evaluations?

Other ways to choose the right fit:

  • Ask to speak to some of the parents.
  • Go and observe the academies with your golfer.
  • Review the packages and schedules to make sure they accommodate your schedule and ask for pricing to see if it fits your budget.

Do your due diligence! This can be a huge financial investment if your child is expecting to become the next Annika Sorenstam. If the expected outcomes are not being achieved, make sure your junior is happy at the academy and monitor for excess stress on focusing on the goal instead of the learning journey. The most important question to answer: Is your junior having FUN?