Led by Barbara Gutstadt, a successful business woman, serial entrepreneur and an avid golfer, brought together a dynamic team of corporate business executives, LPGA and PGA professionals, educators and travel consultants. Guess what brought us together…golf! After that initial connection, we realized that we share the same passion to grow the game and now we have combined our forces to be driven to affect a positive change in the growth of the women’s golf industry.


Golf is so much more than a sport you play! Golf is a game of value and discipline that challenges the mind and body, and enforces life’s lessons on the course. Golf is the connector and equalizer on the golf course and can be carried over into the workplace. It has the power to advance a woman’s career, her confidence, her focus, her drive, her relationships, and can be the tool to break the glass ceiling in the boardroom. Golf for women in business makes her noticeable and available to the decision makers. Golf is the universal game for toddlers to the mature player and everyone in between. Golf is a forever game!


Our goal is to expose the world of golf in every aspect—to all women of all ages—by working with golf industry participants serving as business consultants, corporate golf instructors, conduits for LPGA training clinics, providers of golf resources, and as travel consultants designing exceptional golf experiences for the discerning female golf traveler. Our goal is to work towards eliminating the inequality that continues to exist within the golf industry so that we never have to say a golf course is “women-friendly”, but rather “golfer-friendly”.