Why Golf in France?

The French air clears up the brain and does good – a world of good.

Vincent Van Gogh

As one of Europe’s finest golf destinations France is a dream destination for many. From its iconic Eiffel Tower, chateaux and vineyards, flowing wine and cheese varieties, to haute fashion and cuisine, it’s where art is a way of living – la belle vie style.

The golf scene is very much alive in France where the game is, first and foremost, about leisure. 

France’s diverse landscapes and topography make it an ideal place for playing golf. It now has over 600 golf courses across the country drawing in golf enthusiasts all over the world. Whether in the city, country, or coast, the country boasts a perfect blend of leisure activities, fine dining, wine tasting in the vineyards, sightseeing, or shopping around for fashion finds. The French air, to echo Van Gogh’s thoughts, can clear up the mind and do you good. Indeed, out there on a French golf course, your mind can breathe easy as you swing your club to the beat of this country’s lyrical way of life.

The LPGA Tours makes an annual stop in Evian-les-Bains, France for The Amundi Evian Championship contested on the Evian Golf Resort. 

Top 10 Courses

  1. Les Bordes Golf Club – Loire Valley
  2. Morfontaine Golf Club – Northern France
  3. Le Golf National – Paris
  4. Golf de Fontainebleau – Paris
  5. Golf de Chantilly – Paris
  6. Terre Blanche Golf Club – South-East France
  7. Prince de Provence – Provence
  8. Golf de Seignosse – South-West France
  9. Saint Germain – Paris
  10. Hardelot Golf Club – Northern France

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