Golf Attire

What To Wear On The Golf Course

You’ve heard of the fashion police, but chances are you thought they were only on TV. That’s not entirely the case. Many golf clubs have required golf attire for women on the course and in the clubhouse.

How To Look The Part On ANY Golf Course
  • Most country clubs require collared shirts inside the clubhouse and dining area, so it’s best to wear a collared shirt during play as well.
  • If in doubt of what shirts are appropriate, call ahead or check the club’s website for any minimal requirements.
  • Sticking to a name brand golf apparel manufacturer is usually a safe bet.
  • Whether you’re playing with your girlfriends or the guys from the office, make sure you are wearing modest attire. Golf shorts are fine as long as they aren’t Daisy Dukes! Most golf apparel manufacturers make golf shorts Bermuda length. Anything more than two inches above your knees is pushing it.
  • If wearing a skirt, make sure it’s a proper golf or tennis skirt with a short built in so that you don’t see London, France, or your underpants!
  • Never wear denim! Golf pants, shorts and skirts should be made from a fabric that allows your skin to breathe, wicks away moisture, and doesn’t restrict your movement.
  • Pants and shorts should have belt loops. Always wear a belt if your bottoms have belt loops. Leather belts are commonplace.
  • Don’t wear pants with cuffs. If you end up in a sand trap, you’ll thank us for this tidbit of advice!
  • On days when the mercury is over 80, sleeveless golf shirts and golf skorts are appropriate.
  • Golf shoes are essential for looking the part AND for safety and good swings. Most golf shoes have soft spikes or cleats to provide firm footing when you take a swing. If the grass is even slightly wet, you will definitely need golf shoes to prevent from losing traction when you swing.
  • While some golf courses don’t require golf shoes, (you’ll often see someone in running shoes at public courses) remember that if your ball goes off the fairway and you have to descend an incline or into a sand trap, running shoes won’t give you a proper grip on the hill.
  • Wear golf socks that are made to absorb moisture away from your feet. Not only will it be more comfortable over a four-hour period, it will keep your golf shoes from smelling rank after a few wearings.
  • Choose golf socks that match your pants. If you’re wearing shorts, you’ll want to have coordinating colors for socks. The white sock, black shoes look is a bit school girlish, so if you have black shoes, darker socks look more appropriate.
  • Bring a pair of street shoes for the clubhouse so that you can change out of your golf shoes in the locker room. Often golf shoes spikes will track dirt and mud from the course, and if you’re having lunch in the dining room, you’ll want to make sure and have clean shoes.
  • Hats or visors are a necessity if you are playing in the midday sun. If you’re playing early and the temperature is very cold, take along a warm hat to stay warm.
  • Remove your headwear in the clubhouse.
  • If the forecast calls for rain, make sure you have a proper rain jacket with a hood and a golf umbrella for unexpected downpours.
  • For early morning tee times, layers are usually called for. You can start out with a golf sweater, vest or jacket and then remove it when the temperature rises.
  • Make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses that are polarized to protect your eyes from damaging UVA/UVB exposure, while reducing glare and mirages.
  • Wear a good watch that is sweat proof and waterproof.
Avoid Faux Pas
  • If you’re playing with your boss, co-workers or clients, make sure your clothes are classic combinations. One colorful piece is fine, but limit the outlandish mismatched colors and patterns to fun tournaments that you are playing with friends.
  • Inquire about the clubhouse attire if you plan on staying for dinner. Many upscale golf clubs require collared shirts and close-toed shoes.