Why Golf in  Japan?

Japan never considers time together as time wasted. Rather, it is time invested.

Donald Richie

Enjoy its idyllic nature and zen gardens, temples and shrines, hot spring baths, Japanese cuisine, high-tech facilities, bustling big cities, and more for that unique and enriching Asian getaway experience.

The Japanese love golf and the country’s over 2,000 golf courses, more than the rest of Asia’s combined, is a testament to that. Known for quality workmanship and dedication, it has produced some of the finest golf courses in the world, as well as global champions over the years.

Imagine having your tea time and tee time against the backdrop of cherry blossoms and spring greens, or autumn foliage. A golfing trip to Japan is an opportunity to immerse in its elegant culture and meet its polite, gracious people.

Japan has several exclusive golf courses but the majority of its courses across the country are open to the public, making it more relatively inexpensive now compared to years ago.

Top 10 Japanese Courses

  1. Hirono Golf Club – Hyogo
  2. Kawana (Fuji) Hotel Golf Course – Shizuoka
  3. Yokohama Country Club (West) – Kanagawa
  4. Naruo Golf Club – Kawanishi
  5. Oarai Golf Club – Ibaraki
  6. Abiko Golf Club – Chiba
  7. Koga Golf Club – Fukuoka
  8. Tokyo Golf Club – Saitama
  9. Kasumigaseki Country Club (East and West) – Saitama
  10. Ono Golf Club – Hyogo

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