Meet Oneda Castillo, LPGA... Vice President of Professional Relations for Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge

Oneda Castillo, LPGA

Women’s Golf and Travel (WGTC), a Charlotte-based company and curators of epic golf and lifestyle travel experiences designed for women is pleased to announce the appointment of Oneda Castillo, a member of the LPGA, as Vice President of Professional Relations. 

CHARLOTTE, NC, November 1, 2021

Oneda was the recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement award in 2015 from Barack Obama. She was the second Afro-American LPGA professional inducted into the African American Golfers Hall of Fame in 2014. Castillo has been named one of the Top 50 Teachers by the LPGA Women’s Magazine 2017-2021.

Barbara Gutstadt, Founder and CEO of Women’s Golf and Travel, is thrilled to have such a talented and recognized golf professional join our staff, Gutstadt states, “ Oneda brings an air of openness, fairness, and kindness to all whether on or off the golf course. While golf has no color, Oneda represents diversity and inclusion into the game and is growing the support of Afro- American golfers through education and first-hand experiences through golf lessons, golf travel, and escorting groups to the Solheim Cup 2023 in Costa del Sol, Spain. 

Oneda understands how to meet and treat folks right where they are and make sure that fun happens while learning. Golf has given her the vehicle to play golf in 50 states and 4 continents while meeting wonderful people all along the way! God, the family, teaching golf, and travel is what Oneda Castillo is all about!!! Oneda states, “As a teaching professional in my new role, I am excited about overseeing the expansion of women’s golf clinics/schools throughout the USA and look forward to coordinating these efforts with LPGA and PGA teaching professionals..“As the VP of WGTC of Profession Relations with the golf industry, one of my strong ambitions is to further educate new and seasoned golfers about the history of the Solheim Cup.  We will encourage our golf professionals to ignite support from their students, country club members, and others to rally around our own Team USA in Spain. I am thrilled to be part of Barbara’s team and very proud to be affiliated with the USA’s Proud Promoter of Solheim Cup 2023 travel packages. I welcome interactions and support of my peers in my new role.”


About Women’s Golf Travel & Concierge

Women’s Golf & Travel Concierge (WGTC), an inbound and outbound golf tour operator company,  has been the #1 travel choice for discerning women golfers for the past 10 years. Spearheaded by Founder, Barbara Gutstadt, six-time entrepreneur, co-author of “ Teeing Up for Success”, public speaker and visionary of the women’s golf travel market, is known globally for inspiring women to experience golf travel, use golf as a lifestyle, expand their career through golf and simply for adding fun to the game. WGTC, a US-based/company that curates unforgettable golf and lifestyle experiences anywhere in the world for women, their friends, and their families.

Travel partnerships with the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (13,000 members), the World Golf & Business Clubs, exclusive travel partner of Women’s Golf Day,  golf media, corporations, golf suppliers, associations are in place and a team of influential Golf  Ambassadors in the women’s golf industry is being formed. We embrace diversity and inclusion and are passionate to grow women’s golf. We and our team are dedicated to providing opportunities for both the LPGA and PGA golf professionals, members of country clubs, Golf Associations, corporations, and to numerous Social Media communities. 

Recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, recent partnerships have evolved with the African American Golfer’s Digest, Women of Color Golf, and Women in Golf Foundation. numerous other supporters of WGTC, both from the LPGA and PGA professionals, have joined TEAM WGTC and TEAM SOLHEIM CUP 2023. 

Whatever travel experience women and/or men golfers opt for, they can expect exceptional service, value-added amenities, and memories to last a lifetime. With numerous exciting activities and new relationships, 2022 and beyond should prove to be an excellent travel calendar.

Women’s Golf and Travel Supporters:

Partners and supporting organizations of WGTC are LPGA Amateur Golf Association (13,000 members), LPGA and PGA Instructors, Oneda Castillo, VP WGTC /LPGA /Member of Black Hall of Fame, Kay McMahon /PGA/LPGA, Member of the Hall of fame. Lisa Longball/Celebrity Golfer/8-time reigning long drive champion, Meredith Kirk /LPGA / 2014 Mrs. South Carolina, Ashuanta Epps / LPGA / SE Sectional President of the LPGA / Member of Black Hall of Fame, Travel Partner with the African American Golfer’s Digest, Travel Partner with the Women of Color Foundation, Travel Partner with online Women’s Golf (30,000 subscribers) and Women’s Golf Foundation, Evelyn Gruber / Elite Golf Experiences ( 160,000 members),, Online Partner with Beginner Golfers (10,000) Members, World Golf Business, National Golf Federation, LPGA Top 50 Instructors including 3 Hall of Fame Golfers, Exclusive Travel Partner with Women’s Golf Day, Orca Golf, Bender Golf, Pandora Golf, Knuth High Heat Clubs,  Women in the Golf Industry and more.