Invite the Guys

Playing golf with your girlfriends surely has its own set of perks, but how about playing golf with your husbands? You probably haven’t entertained the idea and think that the guys prefer to do their own thing or that men and women don’t really gel when it comes to golf and especially a golf vacation. When the fellas see how much you’ve had after a golf trip and view the beautiful photos, they just might be wondering if they can go along someday.

Women’s Golf and Travel will host one trip a year whereby the ladies can bring the men. It’s still the ladies’ trip but the trip can be designed whereby the men play with men and the ladies play with the ladies. The exception is the first and the last round whereby the couples come together to enjoy couple golf.

Perks of Playing Golf With the Hubby

Besides the fact that golf can be very addictive, playing with your hubby allows you the opportunity to bond in a new setting without any distractions like gadgets or hyperactive kids. It adds an exciting time to refocus on each other in the backdrop of a calm golf setting. Plus, golf is a long game played outdoors. It’s a perfect way to rediscover forgotten sides of each other – the quirky, the pensive, the competitive, the determined, and more with a fresh perspective.

Another advantage is that you can use it as an excuse for a vacation trip. You can choose a beautiful destination, and your golf activity can instantly double as a travel adventure.

Inviting your hubby to play golf with you is also a good way to share intimacy.

Playing also lifts the mood, and your relationship will benefit from the regular endorphin boost, in turn leading to a stronger emotional bond, and a more open communication channel. Golfing with other couples will add more layers to your relationship while establishing friendships, enhancing outside support, and enabling more memories with like-minded friends.

Contrary to few opinions, inviting the guys to your girls’ tee time is a good idea with the right approach. Let Women’s Golf and Travel help you get the guys to join in on your fun. We provide the best golf trip destination choices, custom post-game itinerary, accommodations, dining, ground transfers, course reservation and set up, recommend travel insurance, club shipping, and more for a hassle-free experience.