Solo Travelers

Craving for a golf adventure but have no one to travel with? If going on a solitary trip doesn’t appeal to you and you are open to meeting new people while exploring places and enjoying beautiful golf, then we’re here to make it happen!

Let Women’s Golf and Travel help you experience a unique trip as a group member where the possibilities are endless. You can go on a trip with other like-minded women and gain friendships built on shared personal; and golfing experiences. Enjoy the safety of belonging to a group while playing golf and top golf destinations around the world discovering fascinating cultures, memorable destinations, and loads of adventure.

Let’s get you traveling

Our team specializes in taking women to some of the world’s loveliest golf destinations while coordinating the golfing vacation of a lifetime. Imagine being in the flow of your vacation without having to worry about the logistics.

We take care of the itinerary covering almost every detail possible from accommodations to the tee times, sightseeing, ground transfers, as well as pre and post-game activities to give you an experience that is beyond memorable.

Our job is to meticulously manage your trip, so you go from one unforgettable moment to the next without a care in the world.

The beauty of being a solo traveler joining a group is the host of advantages in terms of cost, convenience, and peace of mind. Group travelers enjoy special rates on golf and, accommodations, enjoy the opportunity to mingle with other like-minded women, and the security and safety of numbers compared to the risks of traveling alone.

As a solo traveler belonging to a group of possibly other solo travelers, there is a sense of flexibility in terms of blending or being free. You get to reflect and discover things about yourself you never thought existed. You also learn from other participants through their experiences and insights. Who knows, you may even pick up a golf tip or two from the golf buffs in the group, or be inspired by other women’s pursuit of their passions.

You also gain more confidence as you walk into unfamiliar territory and join other golf travelers you have nothing in common with, except perhaps the appetite for traveling with your sticks.

Satisfaction and safety

We take care not only of your travel needs but also put your security, privacy, and comfort on our top list of priorities. We encourage you to apply for travel insurance to give you further peace of mind.

Unsure of which trips to sign up for and excursions to partake in?  We are here to help! We will coordinate with you before and during your vacation to make sure that your concerns are addressed at every step of your journey.

Rather than forgoing an opportunity to fulfill your golf travel dreams, it’s time to experience the perks of golf traveling as an individual but within a safe group setting.

Reserve your spot today on one of our group planned trips.