10 Reasons Why Travelling Together For Golf is a Women’s Cup of “ Tee”

Women thrive when they are in a nurturing and supportive environment. Building healthy bonds, especially with our fellow women, enables us to connect, create, and cultivate meaningful experiences. These relationships across our personal, work and social lives help enrich our sense of being, empowering us to be more and do more.

When it comes to travel and leisure, there is a special atmosphere created when we do activities with other like-minded women. It transports our souls to zones and zeniths, beyond boxed-up settings and expectations. In fact, many women golfers seek such adventures, combining golf with a lifestyle experience exclusively designed for us and by us.

A woman traveling alone can lead to self-discovery, but a woman traveling with other women empowers her to discover more worlds beyond her own. It helps us cover more distances and take shots we never thought we could. In golf and in real life.  

Women, Golf, and Globe-Trotting

So why do we love traveling together? It seems that for us women, travel, and togetherness fit to a tee. It’s like a perfect swing that drives us to a sense of belongingness, through life’s fairways and towards a place where we can appreciate and celebrate our femininity.

We love traveling together because it’s a uniquely enriching experience. Like a cup that gets filled continuously causing an overflow that enables us to share more of ourselves with the world.  

And here’s a breakdown of that – the top reasons why we love traveling together. (Heads up: it’s more than just about golf and girly stuff).

1. Shared Talks and Games Are Treasure Troves of Inspiration

When women travel together, a lot of experiences and stories are shared. We generally love to talk and our shared tales and anecdotes can inspire and teach everyone in the group a thing or two about life. Whether we’re playing or shopping or having a culinary adventure, there is always something we can get out of each other’s personal stories.

By its very nature, golf spurs conversation between groups as they progress through a course – and this leads to inspiration both on and off the green.

It’s interesting when a diverse group of women travel together in a group tour as it sparks a lot of curiosity, conversations, and learnings. Our differences and similarities enable us to see our lives from new viewpoints because women of various backgrounds and personalities deal with the same set of challenges in different ways.

2. Different backgrounds, same worth as women

A city girl hearing about the experiences of another woman from another part of the world and vice versa broadens their views and opens them up to another world.

Young single moms and older married women could inspire each other with stories about their challenges and life hacks. And putting together a free spirit and a workaholic in one trip could help give a sense of balance and a reality check for them both, and a renewed sense of vigor and purpose.

Add in the competitive, focused nature of golfing to the equation, and it’s easy to see why these trips are so popular in the first place. Both in golf courses and in life, a mix of the smooth, rough, hits, misses, and victories can work together and be celebrated.

3. We Get a Good Dose of Self-Rediscovery, Reflection, and at Times, Even Redirection.

Women traveling with other women get to have a renewed view of themselves through the eyes of their fellow women. There are things about women that only a fellow woman can see, highlight, and affirm.

Being a wife, mother, or daughter, women sometimes get a limited view of themselves. Their opinion of themselves is greatly influenced by how people around them see and treat them. And if there is a lack of attention and affirmation from them, a woman’s self-confidence may begin to have cracks.

It takes a woman to see and appreciate the uniqueness of another woman because she intrinsically has it in her to recognize that. There is a deep sense of understanding not from someone outside looking in, but from someone who knows the struggles and untold emotions that women generally experience.

4. A journey like no other

When women travel together, the time spent allows them to rediscover themselves, reflect on their lives, and take a moment to pause and assess their course and direction. And nothing paints this picture better than playing golf. We compete with ourselves first, before we become great at what we do.

Focusing on the game and then relaxing in group settings gives us a chance to ask for feedback and return it in kind.

It’s not about comparison. It’s about empathy. Our complexities as women find a way to be understood when we travel with our fellow women. Sometimes, we need to get away from the rest of the world to understand life and give it our best shot – and our best swing.

5. We Experience Fun Freely as Women, With No Other Role to Play.

Women may enjoy doing activities with their husbands, kids, and colleagues. Truth be told, however, there is something special in kicking off our shoes and immersing ourselves in having fun – simply as women and nothing else. No other role, but just being focused on who we are primarily before being anything else – as women.

When we travel with other women, we get to leave our ‘posts’ for a while and not be expected to act and speak a certain way. When all those other layers are taken off, we get to enjoy the world as the women that we are. We get to enjoy the beach or an exotic city as it relates to our person.

The freedom we experience here isn’t just about socializing – as golfers, we get to showcase our skills and take on a challenging sport, allowing us to develop our sense of focus.

This focus is redirected to us, not selfishly but deservingly.

6. Taking a break from responsibility

There is no pressure to be responsible for the things we are usually expected to be responsible for, like tending to others and sacrificing our joys to make others happy. And when we do things together and express ourselves as women, this sense of independence gets amplified and multiplied even more.

Experiences are savored and enjoyed with a sense of freedom, authenticity, and boldness. This exclusive yet inclusive sense and setting enables us to have fun and create memories for ourselves as women – meaningfully and powerfully.

7. We Form a Sense of Sisterhood and Support

Since we get each other and feel a sense of freedom as we explore new places together, a bond is built.

Shared experiences during travel make this bond even more special. Imagine doing something you’ve never done before and conquering your fears with another woman cheering you on, like diving or getting a tattoo. You build a connection based on something memorable and motivating.

At the start of a golfing trip, we know little about the skill of each individual golfer. It’s through honest and well-natured competition, shared memories, and supportive discussion with which we become better golfers and learn more about everyone’s specific approach to a course or the sport as a whole.

We understand the value of such enriching experiences and so we create women-focused itineraries that are specifically designed to build camaraderie and support, all while having fun. So whether women in our travel group go sightseeing, playing sports, feasting on delicacies, or simply shopping, a sense of sisterhood is formed.

8. The distance that brings women closer

Women golfers who are craving for such experiences can pick a travel itinerary that involves golf and other leisure activities in some of the most sought-after destinations from East to West.

When we travel and play together, we experience a new level of closeness as we cover more distance and gain more experiences.

9. We Can Go Places with a Greater Sense of Safety

Compared to traveling solo, being with a group gives us more layers of safety and security especially when we explore off-beaten paths. As they say, there is strength in numbers. Being with other women gives us more confidence to discover new places, food, cultures, and local experiences.

Also, there are many perks in traveling with other women. Our varied backgrounds and experiences help the group to be more flexible and well-adapted – whether it’s languages spoken or skills that may come in handy.

Being with a group also means having more eyes to watch each other’s backs in crowded places – travel always comes with some level of risk. Our expertly organized tour process and itineraries can give you more peace of mind as you travel with us.  

There’s also a diversity of interests that could make the itinerary more interesting and comprehensive.

10. Go, golf, and grow!

Travel and women bonding together is a powerful combination. It ignites our spirit, elevates our sense of self, and fuels us to go places in life. Because a woman can be great on her own, but together, we can conquer worlds!

If you are interested in going on an empowering and fun trip with other women that includes golf and other activities, do let us know. We can help connect you with like-minded ladies and create an itinerary that’s best for you.

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It’s for women (and also men if invited 😏) who love exploring new places, love golf (or want to learn from others), and have a renewed sense of self! It’s all about being in your zone and beyond, combining the best of both worlds. 

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