Why Golf in Morocco?

Travel to the edge and let your soul wander…


Morocco is located on Africa’s northwestern edge, where its landscape meets the Mediterranean Sea in an explosion of beautiful landscapes and cultural delights. Rich in history, its Arabic, African, and European influences make it a land of various cultures, colors, and textures.

Its vibrant and multi-hued traditional Moroccan plates are like a symbol of the many beautiful things this country can serve its visitors. And its largest city, Casablanca, evokes romance and mystique with its coastal charm. Morocco is home to the world’s biggest oasis, and aptly so, as this country’s sun, sands, and scenery are a sanctuary for the weary soul.  

Tee tradition

Among the long list of treasures to love about Morocco is how its nature nurtures its golf culture. The tradition goes back a hundred years when its first golf course was created in Tangier in 1914. And it has never looked back. Now Morocco has over 38 golf courses dotting the country offering some of the finest driving ranges in the world. 

A golfer’s travel bucket list should never forget including Morocco. Experience golfing with a stunning view of the Atlas Mountains, or in one of Morocco’s relaxing beach resorts. Swing and sway to the beat of this land of Mediterranean mystique.

Top 10 Courses

  1. Al Maaden Golf Course – Marrakech
  2. Amelkis Golf Club – Marrakech
  3. California Golf Resort Casablanca – Bouskoura
  4. Casa Green Golf Club – Bouskoura
  5. Golf de l’Océan Agadir – Dunes & Garden Course – Agadir
  6. Golf Saidia Tele Al – Saidia
  7. Golf du Palais Royal d’Agadir – Agadir
  8. Golf du Soleil – Agadir
  9. The Tony Jacklin Casablanca – Bouskoura
  10. The Royal Golf of Marrakech – Marrakesh

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