Why travel with us?

Women’s Golf & Travel Concierge (WGTC) designs memorable golf trips for groups, golf associations, country clubs, corporations, women’s groups, couples and their families. Barbara Gutstadt, Founder and CEO of WGTC, drive and passion are clear to her clients.

We’ve partnered with a dynamic team of corporate business executives, LPGA and PGA professionals, travel consultants and journalists to affect a positive change in the growth of the women’s golf industry. We strongly believe value-added amenities and exceptional service become a specialized club in the bag with our women’s, singles and couples market focus. You’ll appreciate the difference WGTC makes.

From weekend getaways, to bucket list golf destinations, Women’s Golf & Travel tees up an exceptional golf experience for the discerning female golf traveler. We can’t make those birdie puts for you, but you can count on scoring memories to share beyond your scorecard.

Golf is a game of value and discipline that challenges the mind and body, and beyond being a connector and equalizer on the course, golf can clearly carry over into the workplace. It has the power to build confidence, sharpen personal focus and drive, enhance business through personal relationships, and yes, to advance a woman’s career. Corporate golf allows women in business to become more noticeable and available to decision makers, and this is a challenge we all know about and can work on with a smile.

That said, our goal is to expose you to the larger world of golf in every aspect—to women of all ages— We’ve assembled a network of top shelf industry participants with every golf resource you might need, and definitely as travel consultants designing exceptional experiences for the discerning female golf traveler.

Yes, dynamic changes for a still under-served women’s golf industry have arrived. We are proud of the immediate, positive response to our concept of value-added amenities and exceptional service. Consider our women’s, singles and couples market focus a specialized club in your bag, with every service from breath-taking golf trips to LPGA/PGA golf lessons 100% revolving around YOU.

It’s our professional pleasure to present an exceptional array of choices. Whether that’s an escorted golf trip in Scotland, or an unescorted group trip for a women’s golf association’, you’ll be driving the final product.

We understand budgets, tell us what you *want*. Spend a little more time on our site and you’ll be glad when an Aha! moment comes through. Check out Travel Tips, like how to ship your clubs, passport information, how to connect overseas with family members back home and so on. I promise that whatever you read about destinations with WTGC, you’ll see and experience what I’ve seen and approved of. I’m confident you’ll totally love what WTGC’s value-added amenities and exceptional service feels like.

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